3 Facts Regarding Kanye West Famous Painting-Based Video

kanye west famous painting

In this video, the West couple posed as laid naked after post-coital sleep. There were also ten more nude celebrities on that video without their consent that stirred up the whole controversy. Along with Taylor Swift, Rhianna, Bill Cosby, you can also watch Donald Trump, George W. Bush, Ray J, Caitlin Jenner, Chris Brown, Anna Wintour, and Amber Rose. Now, here we will depict the opinions as to whether it can be called art or not. And, the concept of the video as Kanye wanted to convey.

West’s Opinion on Famous

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According to the popular rapper Kanye West, many people wanted to be in that massive bed with them after he had shown a preview clip to them.

In the video, it is viewed that West is nuzzling Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, and Taylor Swift. However, he does not show any support or malice by it, as the rapper articulated that the video is not to oppose or support any of the celebrities shown in the video.

To West, the video served as an alternate reality where perhaps, George Bush and he could have been friends. He had also said to cut out any sexual part of the edit as it was not his intention in spite of the nudity.

What Desiderio has to Say

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While the provocation had done its job, the artist Vincent Desiderio who was the inspiration behind the video, approved it as a piece of art.

He stated to the W Magazine that the video has showcased the power of artistic imagination to go beyond the categorical expectations.

Along with clearing the approach of a particular type of artistic criticism, Desiderio also commented that the fluidity of the video transfers the embedded codes within the framework of different mediums.

Can We Call it Art

While West and Vincent Desiderio praise the video as a work of art, not everyone in the same alley of thoughts.

As filmmaker and actress, Lena Dunham condemned the video by stating that it reminded her of the Stanford University rapist named Brock Turner. She also added that it makes her feel unsafe, sad, and worried to watch admirable women who were decreased to waxy, drugged, and thrown aside nude bodies.

The cultural commentator Bob Lefsetz claims the video as a stunt that provokes controversy and fame for two minutes.


A curator with a gallery in New York also denies calling “Famous” an art. Without the permission of Swift and putting her in a submissive pose cannot be called art even if West claims to criticize television culture. Though art is meant to stir discussions, and opposite opinions, creating something just to create controversy cannot be seen as art.

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